Update May 4, 2015

Now we need data. If possible all in one place.

All government bodies will not be functional right away. May be the government should start mobile offices for info and co-ordination.

Jai Nepal Youth Group as of now is loading up two trippers on their way to Bisdeutar and Jyadi Sindhupalchok and its neighboring villages. On our way to our first targeted relief effort location. What we learned was that passing clusters of homes that also need help is not the best way to go. So we have adopted a strategy of concentrating in one geographical area.

The team comprises of:
Ritesh Adhikari
Nirab Bhattarai
Samrat R Satyal
Baiyanath Jha
Rajeev Shrestha
Bijen Shrestha
Anurag Rijal
Manchan Tiwari
Piyush Sharma
Pravesh Humagain

And a medical team of 2 Doctors provided to us by a supportive group.

What we have Taken with us:

Tents- 60
Rice – 3600 Kgs
Chiura – 360 Kgs
Daal (lentils) – 370 Kgs
Cooking Oil – 60 ltrs
Salt- 120 Packs (Pack= 1 Kg)
Solar Units – 3
Phynel – 20 Ltrs
Chuna (Lime Powder) – 2 Sacks
Titnus Syringe for 120 Families and Other Medical Supplies.


Towards Subedi Gaun, Sankhu

For Subedi gaun

We are also sending another team towards Subedi gaun of Sakhnu area, another tragically hit location.

Here’s what ever are sending:

Tents: 25 pcs
Dal: 25 kgs
Rice: 10 bags (30 kgs each)
Soap: 30 pcs
Medication for 50 families
Covers for temp. toilet
Chow chow: 2 cartoons
Biscuit: 2 cartoons

It is not much, but this is what we can manage for Subedi Gaun.

More update on Sindhupalchowk


May 2, 2015
Our action team is headed towards two VDCs – Bhimtar and Bisdeutar, of Sindupalchowk district right now. Here’s a small detail:

Vehicle: Ba.3.Kha: 4000
Driver: Ramkumar Tamang

Dr. Jesus Shrestha
Dr. Anjana Thapa Magar
Biplav Kafle, Bhusan Adhikari, Ritesh Adhikari, Piyush Sharma, Pravesh Humagain, Rojen Shrestha

Tents: 60 pcs
Mattress: 43 pcs
Blankets: 17 pcs
Family pack food (rice,grain, etc): 56
Solar Units: 4
Medical supplies